In between hearts and arguments

haluuu & salam ramadhan to all muslims out there!

friendly i told ya that this is my very first ramdhan at home with incomplete family, parents divorce, siblings started to work and yeah am all alone break my fast with father. I okay back then but now my hearts full with hates/sadness/hope and etc


i finished eating then i went straight to my room, pray and than read quran. It was all safe and sound till i heard my father on the phone. with high voice and hates. that moment i knew it was my mom.

he talked in rage and threatened . ugh suffocating. divorce is not a big prob for me act but the real . settlement is when they fight A LOT. i am not at anybody side. i am at the middle. but yeah i am in between hearts and argument. I am 17 and goin' to take spm this year, I NEED TO BE SURROUNDED WITH +VE VIBES!but why does everything gone wrong?!

do pray for me guys :')

Aiman farhana,xoxo


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