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Thursday, 1 June 2017 • 21:54 • 0 Girl(s)
what I feel...

u know what sometimes I was at my worst down on my knees, i felt like everything is torturing me.
It's like the whole world is taking their grunge against me. IKR that's only my pitiful thought.

Crying like a cry baby infront people ? that's really not me. but i do sometimes. yah I remember year ago i cried in my classroom and the boy-friend were looking at me. UGH i hate that but i cant dry myself at that time. It felt like my whole body was filled with water. The real me is-I do cry behind curtains without ppl knowing. yeah that's me.

but now i dont really have objective for writing this entry actually-

when will I stop all these daydreaming? I am a girl full with hope. i hope that, i hope this, i hope those but I barely strive for it. hate me.

till then, xoxo

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