I'm back with a whole new aiman farhana.

After taking a sip of nestum i thought hmmm maybe i should spare some time to blogging today ! Here i go !

Assalammualaikum :))

Changes? There so many things flooding my brain these days. I keep noticing myself how i really should change myself. I have learned and i take the lesson. Having the opportunity to pursue my study higher than before, taking the course I am passionate in,I guess I must take a few steps to change!

I started a whole new routine, lifestyle and also how I talk.
I am kinda surround myself with people who is vice versa than before.

Idk my friends used to say that I am hardworking, but I guess no f* way haha !
so,I tend to fill  my time to study as possible as I can. leaving my phone alone in the bed, where I sit at the study table doing notes,the lecturer does not tell us to do and re-read the notes.
well, the other thing I have try is study about the lecture before the class ! it is a tips I pick from I dont know where. but YESSS !! it is usable ! really recommended ! you must must must try this out ! you gotta understand more and have the idea about what the lecturer presents !!!! yeah I also have this kinda habit of sleeping after subuh. i know it is bad, islam dont encourage us to do. I am trying to avoid this but it is really hard. (NOT GOING TO GIVE UP).Last but not least, back then I used to hate weekend activity, it is interrupting my life! but now I guess it is no wrong to pack my schedule. I am here to learn, i have got the platform, so why not?!


as for me, as human we always have to improve ourselves in many aspects. we are human, we do not perfect, we somehow sin everyday and even every second. There is nothing wrong with turn a new leaf. We should give some time to ourselves to think about what is right, what is wrong. NEVER EVER EGO. I have done so much during my secondary school, you have no idea how stu*** i was. But let it go. I already put all the bad attitude at the school gate and I am not going to pick them up. I have done so much during that time, this is the part when i should breakfree ! i am not saying i am good here, i am improving please understand :')


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