For the sake of scholarship

hello assalammualaikum !

back again after so much school stuff and tired and all that sweat i'll go for the sake of scholarship.

talking about scholarship, this something u'll be granted if you score well in SPM and cikgu ahmad said (my addmath teacher) that those offer scholarship will examine the first assesment so i'm currently work for it. Since i'm not that genius student i've to struggle a lot. I dont want to burden my father a lot because the fee for the course quite pricey, y'all know that. If i manage to get scholarship from any company i'll sure be grateful so much ! furthermore, my dream is to study abroad . like who dont wanna go out from the  nutshell and travel all around the world ?!!! nobody can say no to be oversea i guess.The conclusion is i've to perform everytime in exam so the chances of getting scholarship will be bright as the sun shining every morning . YESSS!!! gosh i'm super hyper today idk why. hahaha talk to you guys later ! last,stay positive no matter what, keep smilimg and strive for success. nothing come straight right your way without effort.

aiman farhana


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