Oh ya it's been a vvvvvery long day since somebody want to get to know me well, and since i let him set the pace i realised that i have so many things to overcome ! such a weak person ikr

fears i have

This is not a rare case btw i know some of you might face the same situation just like me. But yeah i have known many people who are not afraid of the height. they are so lucky tho because an amazing scenery comes from the high place !

fear of syringe. LOL i just rememberd when i was in form 1 we all have to take hpv injection i guess. the nurse called me, i just need to take my breath and calm myself down but my friends started to force me. i was sitting on the ground like a cry baby and literally said ''nooooo plsss nooooo wait'' hahaha. And i hug m friend while the nurse give me injection. I really hate it tbh. (i dont want to overcome this fear!) and another scene, i went to hsi once for check up wether i have leukimia or not. she wants to take two bottle of my blood. hell yeah i was nervous but i'm old already so i acted chill. HAHAHA i dont know what comes into my mind at that time. but suddenly i have the thought of ''if i put some pressure onto my arms the blood sure will go out faster'' but damn ! no ! when she is done, she told me '' awk takut sgt sbbtu darah susah keluar'' i was like '' kenapa tak ckp awal awal weh????!!!!''

synonym to ghost maybe. i positively think when it is dark the ghost will be right there -_- so i literally will never sleep safe and sound if i do not open my damp light. i will get my adrenaline rush and bad thoughts flooding into my mind if the lamp is off. i hate it ! but i have to. but i managed to overcome this fear a little bit maybe. btw i'm still let my door open if i sleep alone so that the light from the living room will still go through my room.

this sounds so childish T^T.
yeah i always have difficulty to swallow pills. i have to push my throat to accept it. unlike others who can eat them as easy as abc. i remembered back then dayang have to pinch my nose so i am not breathing and push my chin up. HAHAHAHAHAHA but as usual my first attempt will always let the pill into the dustbin.

river or sea;
i really hate it to be on a boat or that angsa thingy at zoo johor. I will always think that what if i fall down? what if suddenly it be like the titanic? what if i drown? i dont know how to swim??! what if ? what if? i feels like my death is really close.

Spicy food;
am not cligy for not eating spicy food. and pls i am truly malaysian ! I always green with envy with those who enjoy spicy ramen. even the cheese one,i still cant bare with the spiciness.
nurin once wants me to eat a packet of ramen, so i bought the ramen la. but i put just lil bit of the sauce. not even half but i ended up at the dustbin letting my saliva flowing so the taste of spicy will be gone.

this one also annoyed myself.i think i am easily simply person maybe bcoz i rather eat fish and chicken all mylife. I am disguist with such belendir thing and lembek like ewwwww.
but i know they are delicious tho. but meh just not my taste. I still eat udang and sotong goreng tepung ok !

people said ''ruginya tak makan durian'' but man ! not at all coz i just dont like it . lembik and the smells and the texture is just a no.
once i eat the durian i'm sure feel dizzy and my stomach feels uneasy. ya ya i'm still malaysian, i just dont eat the king of fruit.

will try to overcome some of these maybe in the future :)



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