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I'm back with a whole new aiman farhana.

After taking a sip of nestum i thought hmmm maybe i should spare some time to blogging today ! Here i go !

Assalammualaikum :))

Changes? There so many things flooding my brain these days. I keep noticing myself how i really should change myself. I have learned and i take the lesson. Having the opportunity to pursue my study higher than before, taking the course I am passionate in,I guess I must take a few steps to change!

I started a whole new routine, lifestyle and also how I talk.
I am kinda surround myself with people who is vice versa than before.

Idk my friends used to say that I am hardworking, but I guess no f* way haha !
so,I tend to fill  my time to study as possible as I can. leaving my phone alone in the bed, where I sit at the study table doing notes,the lecturer does not tell us to do and re-read the notes.
well, the other thing I have try is study about the lecture before the class ! it is a tips I pick from I dont know where.…

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