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Hi Assalammualaikum all, I hope you guys have a good day! Refer to the title above, today I want to share my study experiences in UniSZA as a Tesl student. ----------------------------- Prologue Basically, I was a Technical Science student in SMKAJB. I took Engineering Drawing but then I realised that I am more into English things so I go for taking TESL. Then, I applied all universities offer TESL or English related. Luckily, I manage to enroll in UniSZA. (my forth choice) I really do not know where this university is actually but yeah I applied all universities offering TESL. lol I only know this university after the UPU result came out. Yes, it is in the east coast..... Terengganu. I never been here before too! okay that's it let's go back to the main course First of all, all first year students in UniSZA are placed in new college which is very comfortable for me. Above is my friend Mardiana and how the college block looks like. Each block has 5 level with 4

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