how am i doing?

assalammualaikum :)

Everyone know life will not always be a bed of roses, life is more likely to be spinning wheel which is going through so many unexpected circumtances. So how am i doing?

Basically 2017 is a year of lesson.
I had going through the hardest nightmare everyone do not want to encounter. All i have to say here is divorce is a serious matter. Praise to god, I live in hostel which mean i rarely be at home and get to know the house thingy.But being the forth children having a younger sister, I am much tortured seeing her growing as a girl. I especially worry about her education. with this situation, I learn to be independent, to not always have people behind you giving hands, to be positive and surrounds myself with only the good vibes. In addition, I always believe in Him, that He will always bless you if you are doing good. The most important thing is strive your heart out in whatever you are doing !

What past is past. Right now i want to focus on my studies. SPM result? yeah not that bad but also not that good. (dislaimer) You don't want people to be looking at you with sympathy but if you're willing to fight your way through this academic failure, to not give up and to keep prospering the gift of life, if you're determined enough to change yourself, your character and to the idea of being successful, to learn from your mistakes, if you really want it bad enough and to fight for it, sacrifice your day and night for it, if living without it seems worthless, you have to do something about it and stop blaming the bad things that encountered your life in order to reclaim your moment of triumph in the future.

Lastly, Be furious, Be passionate in what you're studying

I am doing just fine !

aiman farhana


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